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Make it possible to change name of database folder.


In one of my projects, the databases are named different with different prefixes in the different environments (integration, accpeptance, production), but I want to keep the scripts in SVN (that is what I use ScriptDB for) in a folder named without prefix.
To do this, i altered the source code in the following way:
  1. Add a new command line argument named DatabaseFolderName:
            string databaseFolderName = arguments["DatabaseFolderName"];
  2. Set output folder to be named with this command argument if it is supplied:
            if (databaseFolderName == null)
                outputDirectory = Path.Combine(outputDirectory, database);
                outputDirectory = Path.Combine(outputDirectory, databaseFolderName);
    The changes are also attached to this isse as a patch created with TortoiseSVN.
    Andreas Paulsson
    cimkey AB

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